Sex positions with a pillow

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Your partner crouches at the bottom of your body and enters you. But a little creativity goes a long way. You can wrap your legs around his waist, bend them toward your chest, or one of you can hold them in place. As his penis enters you, you hand suspended from him, bouncing up and down the help of his arms.

Sex positions with a pillow

Rest on your elbows with your arms in front of you for leverage. Straddle a position pillow to grind against it or an inserted sex toy. Make a mountain of pillows on the floor and lie over it, face down. Move the pillow to the edge of the bed, and he can stand while the pillow boosts her hips. Standing with his back against the edge of the bed or even the washer or dryer , your guys picks you up with his hands cradling your bottom and the backs of your thighs. Although not expressly made for sex, many of the pillows can be used for that purpose. Sit on his thigh, leaning back on your arms for support, then open your legs slightly as he enters you and make slow corkscrew motions. They offer options from single pillows to gigantic beds and everything in between. You have plenty of room to customize your Liberator product. He kneels next to you, facing your head, and slides the knee nearest to you between your legs. Open your legs just enough to give him access to your vagina. Edge of the bed: Wedge Sex Pillows The following is just a short list of position inspiration for smaller, sex wedge pillows. Your man lies on top of you, facing the same way. Start by lowering yourself to your knees and crossing your arms on the ground in front of you, using a pillow to cushion your elbows. Great for solo use or while a partner watches. Toughage is another maker of inflatable sex wedge pillows. Make missionary more interesting by raising her butt and hips toward her partner who can kneel or lie in front of her. Many are versatile while others help you maintain specific positions, such as doggy style, better than others. Slip a wedge pillow under your hips for less strain on your hands and knees. And this doggy-style penetration fits the bill perfectly. Slide along his penis by moving your lower body up and down. Use his feet for added thrusting leverage. He lies on his back, his legs spread slightly, his head on a pillow. He leans back at a forty-five-degree angle to your body so he an join his genitals with yours. Utimi is better known for making sex toys, but the company also sell inflatable position pillows. Your partner clasps your feet in his hands and thrusts from a kneeling position.

Sex positions with a pillow

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