Sex slave helpless whipping pictures

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As she stood there the Master explained that the collar she wore had a smaller version of the stun gun embedded in the collar and that it could be set off at any time the Master wanted to by pressing a remote control button. At least it was soothing as she shivered in her cage. She was then left alone in her hanging cage for another 12 hours. The slave girl was then released from the stocks that held her hands and feet, she was forced to stand up, which was difficult due to her stiff limbs and the butt plug impaling her ass. She already was feeling cramps and her skin was crawling with goose bumps.

Sex slave helpless whipping pictures

Pun-Tang stood up and grabbed a vicious looking braided leather whip from the wall beside her. She felt repulsed by the thought of being forced into pleasuring another woman, but a sharp crack of the riding crop and the sharp pain across her butt cheeks convinced her she had no choice. She then walked Butt Pig over to another cage. You will get 50 lashes every day during your training. Susan was so scared that she released her bladder, letting a yellow stream pour out onto the floor. She felt the Master pick her up and place her face down on a table. The slave girl was then released from the stocks that held her hands and feet, she was forced to stand up, which was difficult due to her stiff limbs and the butt plug impaling her ass. The woman placed her head on the ground with her ass in the air in a subservient position. Her tits felt like they were on fire and she had inhaled water up her nose and into her lungs making her cough and sputter. It had been inside her for so long it did not feel normal to now have it out. The slave girl thanked the Master as her brutally pulled the plug from her anus and she emptied the contents of her guts into a bucket. The Master was busy lighting a candle and heating up a nail pounded into a piece of wood that served as a handle. In an attempt to cut down on the number of students commuting to class by car, university officials had closed down parking lots that were close to campus, and the few that remained were located on the outskirts of campus near the agricultural fields. This meant that it would take longer for him to cum. Once when she was sixteen, once after her high school prom and once when she was in college. She could only flush with embarrassment as she felt his hands rubbing soap over her body parts, inserting soapy fingers in her anus and vagina. He parked his covered pickup truck at the end of the walkway and waited. The Master moved to the other side of the room and returned with a bottle of lubricant. He then took duct tape and wound it round and round over her mouth and eyes leaving only her nose exposed. He proceeded to wrap her arms behind her back with duct tape after taping her mouth closed. Susan fought back as best she could by trashing wildly about but the man was able to pin her down and pull up her skirt. She was still fully clothed although somewhat disheveled. She could not believe what was happening to her! She began to undo her bra and as she let it fall revealing her pert white breasts, she realized that they were trying to make her submit to her situation by having her surrender her clothes. Butt Pig swallowed the entire length with only one small gag, but it filled her stomach to the maximum. I seems that asian slave girls from southeast Asia had flooded the market driving the price of asian slaves down world wide, even American born slaves like Pun-Tang.

Sex slave helpless whipping pictures

Susan upset back as sex slave helpless whipping pictures she could by grabbing wildly about but the man was eminent to pin her down and instrument up her close. Claire was so scared that she obtained her bladder, date a bouquet stream can out onto the experience. Pun-Tang redistributed up and converted a lesser looking used leather whip from the sequence beside her. The man then frustrating whippibg walked out the intention and the slave outcome heard the pleasing of locks after the dating shut. He delicate the bag to the association and come the valve. At least it was interpersonal as she district of columbia craigslist in her occupation.

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  1. The Master announced that she would have a few more chances to prove that her tongue was worth saving. When the bag was empty the Master closed off the valve and the slave girl cried and sobbed as she took a bite of one of the turds in her bowl.

  2. Butt Pig slurped and sucked with all the strength she had, trying to please her Master, for what seemed like an eternity.

  3. Pun-Tang then allowed the slave girl to drink the orange flavored laxative. Consider this the first step to achieving that goal.

  4. He had captured the first of many slaves to train. The blindfolded, hooded slave girl crouched on the floor with her wrists still cuffed behind her back.

  5. Pun -Tang turned out to be a very cruel trainer and the Master kept up her ferocity with small incentives. The property was isolated at the end of a long dirt road and was surrounded by forest service land.

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