Sexual exposure in music videos

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Similarly, in terms of pleasure, Hansen and Hansen , showed that music videos elicit a pleasurable emotional response, which is intensified by the high levels of arousal people experience while watching music videos. Male K-pop star Rain's music video for his song " Rainism " has been credited with helping to refute stereotypes of Asian men as effeminate and weak depicting an Asian man in various sexual situations, primarily with white women. Further, the study found that

Sexual exposure in music videos

As Brown, Steele, and Walsh- Childers have pointed out, token resistance is an integral part of the sexual norms that girls learn: Specifically, arousal reduces working memory capacity and results in encoding specificity, which increases the likelihood that sexual scripts from the media are accessed and activated during viewing and in subsequent sexually arousing situations Wright et al. As a result, we hypothesized as follows: In contrast, effects of hip-hop music videos on the objectification of women, traditional gender attitudes, and acceptance of rape myths have only emerged among boys e. Given previous research on the role of pleasure and arousal in explaining effects of sexual media content e. A study conducted by Jacob Turner in , hypothesized that African American genres of music hip-hop, rhythm, and blues would feature the most sexual content in their music videos while White genres Country and Rock would feature less. These concerns are usually less strongly expressed for videos by female artists. The same study found that exposure to sexually objectifying music videos lessened the extremity of young women's conception of an ideal body weight. MTV remained socially relevant in constructing images to correlate to music, helping propel youth culture into the atmosphere of visual experiences. This content is often gender-stereotypical: The study also found that while African Americans were not underrepresented in music videos. This may result in differential effects of sexual music videos by male and female artists on misogynistic beliefs, such as acceptance of female token resistance. YouTube required its users to verify they were 18 years of age before being able to view the video. Previous research on constructs similar to affective engagement initially supports that affective engagement may explain the effect of sexual music videos on beliefs of female token resistance. Frederik Dhaenens has pointed out that when music videos to feature gay content, it is oftentimes involves a "heteronormative shaping of gay and lesbian identities", citing Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ' " Same Love " as an example. Popular music videos of the time came from artists such as Nirvana , Notorious B. Watching sexual music videos both by male and female art- ists will positively predict acceptance of female token resistance; however, this effect will be stronger for videos by male artists than for videos by female artists. After this program was implemented, a study was conducted to analyze the centrality and depiction of women in the most popular videos of the decade. A study of college students found that young women were more likely to view their body in a negative light after exposure to a sexually-objectifying music video, particularly in women with low self-esteem. Indeed, as Roberts has pointed out with respect to misogyny in music videos, some female artists may use their music videos to challenge negativity toward women. Instead, women are expected to passively await the sexual advances of men. Gender displays in the form of nonverbal sexual cues were also considered, proving that women could also be depicted more subliminally sexual than men. The research performed helped draw further conclusions, regarding sexuality in s music videos. For women, this belief stems from a traditional female script that averts any explicit communication of sexual desires on their part. If this content features, as outlined above, misogyny and female submissiveness, the viewers are likely to learn these views and accept female token resistance. Watching sexual music videos positively predicts affective engagement. Followed by Hip-Hop with

Sexual exposure in music videos

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