Short essay on unprotected sex

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For this group of very high-risk youth, social work intervention is a necessary supplement to traditional family planning education and counseling. To care for their partner is another major part of a relationship. Need essay sample on "What are the effects of having unprotected sex? Halpern CT et al. If the choices made aren't logical, the results could be disastrous.

Short essay on unprotected sex

Systematic research into this area should address the following: More broadly, socioeconomic status is related to each of the four outcomes studied. Involuntary sexual activity is typically unprotected and thus puts its victims at very high risk of pregnancy and STIs. Instead, the goal is to translate programmatic issues into research questions, whose answers will enhance the development and quality of sexual risk reduction policies and programs. For more than 30 years, researchers have studied the antecedents of teenagers' high-risk sexual behaviors, and service providers have designed programs to prevent those behaviors. Such a secondary focus is unlikely to be the best approach to serving young men, however. Shearer DL et al. If they feel guilty for something they caused in a relationship, they might not be able to forgive themselves for a long period of time, which can also lead to greater difficulties in life. Plenum Press, , pp. For example, black teenagers are more likely to have very early vaginal sex than Hispanics, who are more likely to do so than whites. This detachment may help explain why program people do not openly embrace such research. There are many different methods of minimising pregnancy; the 'pill', Depo Provera an injection which stops pregnancy for three months , the emergency contraception pill, and condoms. Among adolescents who are sexually active, the most effective method of disease prevention is the male condom, which reinforces the need to include young men. For example, having friends who are sexually active or who do not use condoms enhances one's own risk of these behaviors. The programs help dispel common misperceptions about sex and contraception, and empower teens to use negotiation techniques with their partners to either abstain or to practice safer sex by using condoms. Lawson A and Rhode DL, eds. These new efforts must therefore be conducted with external funds that include evaluation monies. However, this assumption misses the mark for youth who are unable to make autonomous decisions about whether and under what conditions to have sex. Innovative programs that probe adolescents' attitudes toward childbearing should include values clarification exercises and discussions that reality-test young women's beliefs about childbearing, particularly the likely role of the baby's father in their lives and in the baby's life. One factor motivating early intercourse may be that male peer group norms endorse early sex as a way to prove masculinity and thus solidify social standing. While the overall incidence rate of teen pregnancy in the United States has decreased in recent years, Nevada still ranks second in teen pregnancy rates and seventh in teen birth rates, as reported by National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy and Unplanned Pregnancy in Our experience suggests that such research needs to address the following questions: We are an interdisciplinary group of public health researchers and service providers who are committed to bridging the chasm between research and programs. Teen's relationships are mostly based on emotions; how they feel about the person. To date, many providers have perceived research on the determinants of adolescent sexual risk-taking and pregnancy as external to their needs and perspectives. Kirby D, , op. Many times, they get inaccurate information about sex from their peers, and receive little or no guidance from their parents.

Short essay on unprotected sex

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