Should i continue to date him

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Notice how he treats you. Within minutes of a first date, you can tell a lot about somebody. Does he make requests for your company in advance? Reading this, I thought to myself, "Self, surely we can come up with a checklist for women to figure out whether they should keep on dating a guy.

Should i continue to date him

The key is to date confidently. It may be something much simpler, such as he has a fear of commitment. This means he likes you. If he calls you back quick, and makes plans with you regularly, that means he's thinking about you when you're not around. Most of the time women tend to have good intuition, so follow your instincts. Pay attention to what he says about you or about relationships in general. Evaluate the following factors When we look at how long one should wait for their partner to commit, we must first define commitment. Consider the following Each relationship progress at a different rate, so there is no set answer for just how long you should wait for him to commit. Start by exploring within as honestly as possible and getting clear on the facts of the situation and what you need. Do you want to live together? Continue dating this fella. When desiring commitment from another first ask yourself as a woman if you have committed to yourself. You can stay and potentially not be happy. For example, you want a commitment… something to show the devotion you have for one another, but he does not want to take that step yet. You can have a conversation about your feelings for him and your hopes for the relationship. If a relationship begins in this way, the likelihood for resentment is high and the sustainability of the commitment is low. There may be some warning signs along the way that you need to acknowledge before jumping into a relationship. What exactly do I want for myself in my life? If he is on the same page; and you now feel you are in a monogamous relationship; then the relationship should progress naturally depending, on your age and stage of life. Sometimes this has a happy ending and other times it ends in resentments, heart break, or rejection. Are you actualizing your potential? Because I learned the sexual psychology of men Especially if you catch him lying about something that there is no reason to lie about like him telling you he is best friends with a member of your favorite music group. One must ask themselves why the need for commitment is important. Get a sheet of paper, and fold it in half. Positive feelings breed more positive and negative feelings breed more negative. Does he discuss plans with you?

Should i continue to date him

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  1. Own your own truth about your desire for more commitment Commitment is a topic that brings a lot of couples into therapy. This may require initially some self reflection on her part, as to what she is observing in the interactions they share and how it is that he may not be committing.

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