Surefish readings

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I think that's an accurate critique. All religions teach people a belief in humanity, of one sort or another. Why stand we here idle? I wanted to describe patterns which I believed I could see, and thought really meant something and had something true about them. What sought they thus afar?

Surefish readings

The wealth of seas, the spoils of war? This college had, in Evan's day at least, a reputation as a fortress of reaction based on the extreme right-wing views of one or two of its Dons. Those most savagely hit by corporate power are evolving the best resistance and liberation from it and alternatives to it. I have fully glutted my vengeance. This means, however, that, to give just one example, the bus-journey will have to be broken in a small town in Tennessee where I will be doing a reading and stand-up from the humanitarian intervention show: In his recent book 'The Age of Consent' George Monbiot argues that globalisation could, potentially, be a greater force for good than localisation. Do you see a belief in God as an instrument of social change, or one that perpetuates the status quo? It is hard to conceive of a more inhuman system, which is why its apologists seek to associate it - shamelessly - with its old, arch-rival participatory democracy, which is, incidentally, what I'd like to see replace capitalism. I believe the future for us in Britain is currently being worked out across Latin America. What I wrote was: If we were base enough to desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest. But I think that only goes to show the folly of ANY 'top-down' solutions. The Guardian are currently running a series about the astounding levels of poverty in the US. But trade has been global since the Venetian bankers of the Renaissance and certainly since the British Empire. And, as night follows that day, that college is also a seed bed for Mi6, Mi5 and the Foreign Office incidentally. And as Julian Borger writes: Do you think the mood in America towards the Iraq war - and the so-called humanitarian intervention that you attack - will have changed substantially by then? This is precisely what the U'wa indians believe, for example. Your novel concludes with the Seattle riots. Well, it was the police who were rioting, the protestors were blockading peacefully often with their arms D-locked together, that is, with their arms literally tied behind their backs. During the course of the last long and bloody war Logan remained idle in his cabin, an advocate for peace. They sought a faith's pure shrine! I repeat it, sir, let it come! But isn't it depressing that this song is 30 years old? No, I do not say that. This led to the much less widely-reported fact of the resignation of the Seattle Police Department chiefs.

Surefish readings

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  1. My sorrows I then might assuage In the ways of religion and truth, Might learn from the wisdom of age, And be cheered by the sallies of youth.

  2. Thus they insisted in that all preachers should be lay preachers, that we all take turns in a non-hierarchical social order, and that nor should there even be consecrated places for were not all places consecrated in creation. It is no less or more ideological to accept the dominant orthodoxies than to question them.

  3. Is there a temptation to just say 'George Bush' over and over again, get the laughs in, and forget about anything more intelligent? What is it that gentlemen wish?

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