Teen dating abuse movies

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He's a former Nickelodeon star. His parents are both celebs in the film. I just wanted to ask you how you came up with the story and how you decided on the approach to take. Was there a surprise for you in the course of doing your research and doing your work on this film? It's called "Payin' the Price," and it describes teen dating violence.

Teen dating abuse movies

You can get involved. But regarding the funding and stuff like that, I took loans from my mother. You know, in fact, you did have a scene in there about that, which I think it comes early in the film, where you actually show this. We might have to start a collection out here. Click on the word prompt to select your path. He decided to make a film about it to show how teen dating violence happens and the cost on young lives. Then he decided to write and direct his own films — the latest of which is Payin' the Price. It's called "Payin' the Price. Jordan Coleman, thank you so much for joining us, and best wishes to you. This is an interactive movie. At key decision points, the story changes. It's an ugly truth that a large number of young adults are living in a twisted reality, where love and pain go hand in hand. Teen members of the Dating Violence Intervention Program go to a Boston high school where they conduct a workshop on dating violence, exposing cultural and media stereotypes that contribute to abusive tendencies. Coleman talks with host Michel Martin. This is a movie about dating violence, sexual assault, rape, consent and healthy relationships. And I did research, and I found that one in every three teens are victimized through teen dating violence, which is scary. It's actually his second film. In cities and in small towns, violence and abuse crosses all age, race and economic boundaries. What can a person do in the face of assault? So the film has a compilation of different relationships that I've heard stories about. Friends don't understand why it took years for both Kelly and Aisha to finally get out. So with Rihanna and Chris Brown getting back together for the remixes, it's making it OK that girls and guys who are being abused, it's OK to go back to their partner. Again, I have to go back to the fact that when I first heard that you had made this film and you were only 14 years old, I was expecting it to be like, you know, one-room schoolhouse type of thing. As I started to plot out my storyline for "Payin' the Price," a lot of different girls from my school started telling me about their abusive relationships. And even though they might not think that they're role models, they really are. So you were looking for another topic, something - another subject to make a film about when the whole Chris Brown-Rihanna thing broke? And then once I did research about it, I felt like this was a serious topic, that we need to stop teen dating violence.

Teen dating abuse movies

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