Tips for calming nerves

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Plan something nice to do with friends or family later in the day so that you have it to look forward to regardless of what happens on the day! Gentle exercise is a great way to relax and calm your nerves. Don't be afraid to slow down and use pauses in your speech. Also try recording your presentation and playing it back to evaluate which areas need work.

Tips for calming nerves

Find out what technique works for you, then make a plan to use it in the downtime before a big performance. Whatever you do, don't sit-sitting is passive. Dry mouth is a common result of anxiety. For those not born with natural eloquence, public speaking can be remarkably nerve-racking. Also try recording your presentation and playing it back to evaluate which areas need work. At certain types of competitions, there's quite a wait before it's your turn to perform. Get some fresh air The temperature and air circulation in a room can increase your anxiety or anger. While it can be difficult for those with packed schedules to spare time to practice, it's essential if you want to deliver a rousing presentation. The pressure releases the tension and relaxes your body. Take a few deep breaths before and even during your presentation. When your body is physically demonstrating confidence, your mind will follow suit. Accept that being nervous is not a bad thing. Watch a football team before they run onto the field. Remind yourself it's natural, just your nervous system revving up to get you ready and set to go. You're less likely to freeze up if you're well prepared. Of course, individuals respond differently to caffeine overload, so know your own body before guzzling those monster energy drinks. Nov 8, Like this column? Change your focus Leave the situation, look in another direction, walk out of the room, or go outside. Is this likely to happen? It is very real and can be debilitating. When we're nervous, our muscles tighten-you may even catch yourself holding your breath. Can I handle that? Has this ever happened to me before? There are various breathing techniques to help you calm down. Start at your toes and tell yourself to release them. Accept your fear rather than trying to fight it. If you are faced with a similar challenge, there are several techniques to help you overcome your fears.

Tips for calming nerves

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  1. Talking with audiences makes you seem more likeable and approachable. Not only will the fresh air help calm you down, but also the change of scenery can sometimes interrupt your anxious or angry thought process.

  2. At certain types of competitions, there's quite a wait before it's your turn to perform.

  3. Some people take along inspirational photos, put together a playlist to help them relax, or learn yoga and breathing techniques to help them feel calm.

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