Transnistria girls

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But the high school kids were in indestructibly good spirits, and every time a group from one school passed another there would be a volley of loud cheering. The new Moldovan state found this line of argument very persuasive, and Transnistria has been a de facto independent state ever since. Since then, people's horizons have narrowed. Even so, dark rumors persist about Transnistria being a big player in underground arms traffic.

Transnistria girls

Also, as of , there is a dispute between Ukraine and Transnistria about their border since Ukraine recognizes Transnistria to be part of Moldova. So I took a picture of her. The self-proclaimed state is not recognised by the rest of the world — not even Russia. Is it violent in Transnistria? Someone had left the door to that disused terminal propped open, and you could go in and admire the nice socialist realist mosaics and the outdated schedules. Approaching the border, you first pass some unhappy Moldovan customs agents sitting in the middle of the road. Beyond them lies another hundred meters of straight asphalt and then the Transnistrian border checkpoint. So, all in all, I think it is safe to go to Transnistria. Over time, a large number of Russians relocated here, and the region grew into the Moldovan SSR's industrial heartland. And dominating the square is an equestrian statue of Suvorov, the legendary Russian general who founded this city in The city is mostly laid out along its main road, a clean and leafy boulevard called October 25 street. This dichotomy was very apparent to the photographer: Packs of happy, singing students were wandering the streets, the boys dressed in suits or nice shirts and the girls wearing a kind of folk costume that combined apron, scrunchies, stockings and a disturbingly short UPS brown frock. In downtown Tiraspol you can even find a sort of embassy flying the very pretty Abkhazian flag. To this day, however, the self-proclaimed state is recognized by very few entities—not even Russia recognizes their bid for independence. Many people were out strolling and running errands. More and more people are leaving the country. I would double check though before trying to cross. What is life like in a country filled with so many illusions? There are plenty of warnings about scams online, but I never was scammed in any way while I traveled there. My mind wandered back to those happy graduates, and what kind of a future they could reasonably expect in this place, and more than ever I was annoyed with the uniforms, peaked caps, officious titles, stamps, checkpoints and other frippery of modern nationalism. The border crossing is completely routine. Moldova refuses to build an actual checkpoint, since it considers Transnistria a breakaway province, but they also aren't thrilled with the idea of having a completely unmonitored eastern border. After the usual frenzy of stamping we receive our entry chits: The kind of smuggling for which there is actual evidence is far less glamorous, involving things like diverting shipments of Tyson chicken parts into Ukraine.

Transnistria girls

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