Trinidadian lesbians

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Sources report that an openly gay 26 year-old man was stabbed several times in June by a group of men Trinidad and Tobago Guardian 26 June ; Bubblews 25 June ; US 25 June , According to the Associated Press AP , Tomlinson argues that Trinidad and Tobago's immigration legislation is discriminatory and violates his freedom of movement rights within the region ibid. Corroborating information could not be found among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate within the time constraints of this Response. Credo Foundation for Justice.

Trinidadian lesbians

Country Reports notes that the law was not enforced during ibid. Sources indicate that the country's Constitution Reform Commission acknowledged that there is a "high level of violence and abuse" against LGBT people ibid. The survey was "based on 1, face to face interviews conducted in Trinidad and Tobago in October with randomly-selected adults across 29 locations" ibid. The following were unable to provide information within the time constraints of this Response: The Independent similarly notes that the law is "often unenforced" The Independent 17 Mar. According to the Archbishop of the Catholic Church in Trinidad and Tobago, the shelters are "'open to any boy or girl we feel [we] are equipped to help, irrespective of race, religion or sexual orientation'" New Ways Ministry n. According to International Business Times, a digital global news publication that covers business, economic, political and technological issues International Business Times n. According to sources, gay bars and clubs exist in Trinidad and Tobago ibid. Credo Foundation for Justice. Sources report that Trinidad's acting immigration chief, Gerry Downes, testified that immigration officials do not inquire into the sexual orientation of an individual when applying to enter the country ibid; Gay Star News 19 Mar. The organization aims to assist women in the LGBT community by hosting gatherings and using proceeds to assist the needy in their community ibid. The State of the World's Human Rights. Correspondence from the Executive Director to the Research Directorate. Legislation Section 13 of the Sexual Offences Act states the following: Further information on public violence against homosexuals in Trinidad and Tobago could not be found among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate within the time constraints of this Response. The Associated Press AP reports that state authorities testified in March that the immigration law provisions that prohibit homosexuals from entering Trinidad and Tobago are "unenforced" due to "unwritten policies" ibid. Gay Rights 'Not Legally Possible. A World Survey of Laws: The Trinidad and Tobago Guardian reports that the survey was based on interviews with 1, randomly selected men and women from all over the country, but that "a full report explaining the methodology and limitations of the survey was unavailable to the media" 17 May UNHCR is not responsible for, nor does it necessarily endorse, its content. The Executive Director of CAISO stated that records of enforcement of the provisions against same-sex sexual activity, including arrests, prosecutions and sentences, are "not easily available," but noted that CAISO has documented "arbitrary arrests and harassment of gay and transgender persons" by the police ibid. The article notes that the issue was raised by "several stakeholders" during public consultations, including LGBT activists, "churchgoers and ordinary members of the public" ibid. According to the article, while the draft report contained "proposals" that "persons should not be fired from their jobs or excluded from employment because of their sexual orientation," the report "stops well short of enshrining full constitutional protection to the gay community, despite demonstrating awareness of the seriousness of the discrimination" ibid. According to a article by GlobalGayz, a travel and culture website about LGBT life in countries around the world ibid. Sources report that Maurice Tomlinson, a gay rights activist from Jamaica, filed a lawsuit with the Caribbean Court of Justice against Trinidad and Tobago and Belize, challenging the countries' immigration laws that prohibit the entry of homosexuals into the country ibid.

Trinidadian lesbians

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  1. Aengus Carroll and Lucas Paoli Itaborahy. Corroborating and further information could not be found among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate within the time constraints of this Response.

  2. According to a survey on societal attitudes towards LGBT people conducted in by the Caribbean Development Research Services CADRES , which was funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, approximately 64 percent of Trinbagonians [residents of Trinidad and Tobago] "tolerate" or "accept" homosexuals; 75 percent of respondents believe that violence against gays or sexual minorities constitutes discrimination; and 85 percent of respondents are opposed to discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation CADRES May Cases included LGBT youth being subjected to name-calling and verbal abuse by schoolmates; teacher-led gossiping or bullying ; physical assaults by stoning; suggested "reparative therapy" by school officials to boys exhibiting "homosexual tendencies" ; and "a daily pattern of harassment from schoolmates" ibid, 5, 6, 8.

  3. The article notes that the issue was raised by "several stakeholders" during public consultations, including LGBT activists, "churchgoers and ordinary members of the public" ibid.

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