Tyga and kylie dating

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Tyga opened up on Complex's morning show Everyday Struggle, speaking about Kylie publicly for the first time in forever. He described Rihanna as his "muse" but she is thought to have left him to date Drake. But he keeps firing along till something sticks.

Tyga and kylie dating

He explained further in saying: Kylie and Travis have been inseparable ever since they were first spotted together at Coachella festival back in April. His debut album No Introduction, a mix of alternative rock and party raps that didn't really congeal, sold slightly more than 6, units in its first week of sales. But he keeps firing along till something sticks. Whilst the beginnings of a feud were brewing, instead of stepping back and grabbing the steering wheel of his career, Tyga began to grow close with a thenyear-old Kylie Jenner. He's become the perennial butt of a joke, always given the byline that'll poke fun at his circumstances; evident in being "friend-zoned" instead of "dating rumors dispelled. Yet, the tagline that the press ran was that dating rumors between her and Drake had gotten dispelled. Stripped of the toxicity of two past relationships, Tyga's music has been able to reach ears without any additional weight. But what keeps him afloat is his fun music that reeks of the carelessness that he carries in his persona. On March 29, , Blac Chyna took to Snapchat to blast him for not paying child support, as well as to suggest that Tyga was cheating on Kylie. Tyga just said some hella surprising things about his ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner Was this a dig at the new mum? Kylie's Kardashian family, with figurehead Kris Jenner, engulfed Tyga's career, with him being more of a Kardashian than rapper. Well, I decided that I'm really young. Interspersed at strategic moments throughout the interview were questions about Kylie Jenner mostly and Blac Chyna. In the video for 'To Our Daughter' Kylie is seen showing off a butterfly necklace, presumably gift from her beau. She hopped on Instagram in April of and revealed a series of texts where Tyga revealed that he wanted to be with her again. If Tyga and Chyna's relationship was a feast for tabloids, Tyga and Kylie's relationship was an all-you-can-eat-buffet. In November of , Tyga allegedly hacked Chyna's Twitter account making her call herself a "gold digger and a cheater. While the women in his life see upgrades all around, Tyga regularly has to defend himself from the tabloids instead. He just had swag. Slightly weaker first week sales of 54, were evident of a slight fall off in public interest. A source told the publication that Travis has been revealing to close pals 'how his life was going to change. Both albums came out after his career was exposed to Kylie. These collective blows have, over time, impacted his stature in the rap game and the level of seriousness that people pin on him. Being that Tyga's not one to necessarily clear up headlines, his image takes a hit, time after time.

Tyga and kylie dating

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