Uninterested grandchildren

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Remember, you're entitled to have a life, too. Join the Discussion Please leave your comment below. I'm at the other end of the spectrum. The parents of your grandchildren don't need you harping on their biggest fears and making them feel worse.

Uninterested grandchildren

Join the Discussion Please leave your comment below. While my grandmother always seemed elderly, my sisters and I adored her. And yet the classes are very popular and my students are receptive. Families have all kinds of varied relationships these days, which may result in kids having multiple grandparents. So be glad there are other grandparents in the picture and know that your grandchildren can be close to all their grandparents. Could my lack of interest in grandchildren be blamed on the fact that I had my only child later in life? Your grandchildren may not let on that you're having an impact on them, but in the long run most adults will say their best memories of grandparents are of always feeling wanted and accepted. Am I missing the Nana-maternal gene? But if it doesn't happen, I'm okay with that path. You may be willing to make some sacrifices for your grandchildren and welcome the opportunity to care for them, but don't feel you have to spend every possible moment with them. Of course, there are plenty of grateful young parents with positive stories about their wonderful relationship with their own parents or in-laws. When I told my sister about my lack of interest in a grandchild, she promptly pointed out having or not having a grandchild was not my decision. Your child will have an independent relationship with them, separate from your own, especially as she grows older. But also introduce the idea that in your home, you should be able to have some rules of your own. Make sure parents are aware, and also make sure grandkids know that you respect their parents' decisions. She has embraced attachment parenting, a style that came naturally to her, as her Indian-born mother raised her the same way. Parenting styles have also changed dramatically, from the small stuff when to start solids , or how to get a baby to sleep through the night to the larger themes. Watching their infants grow into toddlers and on into childhood is fun and often wildly entertaining. Resist the urge to insist on seeing your grandchildren all the time. The parents of your grandchildren don't need you harping on their biggest fears and making them feel worse. Remember, you're entitled to have a life, too. Celebrate your differences and enjoy what you have in common. Often, she says, the grandparents are on to something: I am happy to be home and happy to be grandchildless. I've no idea what lies ahead. Otherwise, you may end up needing their help.

Uninterested grandchildren

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