Van hansis jake silbermann dating

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I made faces at her to try and make her crack. Life is about acceptance from the people who you want to love you. How would you like to see the storyline wrap up?

Van hansis jake silbermann dating

Helen Wagner — No! Jake is a good friend. Luke is all about the need to be loved and accepted. We rehearse together to make sure we have the lines right. We can talk to the producers if we want. A scene that stands out to me is the one where Luke and Noah were caught kissing by Noah's father, Winston. Maybe like five years down the line they should have a kid, but not now. I don't bring any specific experiences to Noah. I think Rob is a fun, charismatic character and watching him taunt Christian and use his money and power to eventually seduce Olli is a guilty pleasure. Do they tell you specific details while swearing you to secrecy or just provide you with a general idea of the direction in which the story is heading? But Nuke has grown on me. But more on that later. Most actors bring some part of their real experience into the role they play. What or who was your muse? Have you always wanted to be an actor? You have to use your imagination for entertainment. As a bonus, they can actually act, especially Christian Sancho as Manuel. You seem to have become closer friends off the set of the show. Jake, you've mentioned that you "doodle". If you had to change one thing about your own character, what would it be and why? Van told me about one. And this one is particularly interesting. I grew up in the city, so sometimes I doodle in graffiti style. So without further ado, we present you with your interview of Van and Jake! Congratulations on such a superlative portrayal. My friends don't watch the soap for the most part.

Van hansis jake silbermann dating

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  1. My parents are so proud of me it sort of embarrasses me. As much as I enjoyed the scenes at the western bar, But I have to question why Luke chose that place instead of a gay bar, which to me, would have made much more sense.

  2. Back in March or so, I had scenes with Holden where we were fixing a tractor and talking about loneliness. I guess I would like him to be less gullible.

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