Vertical and horizontal hood piercing pictures

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Much like the inner labia, they offer little to no sensation and are worn mainly for esthetic purposes. The triangle piercing is the creme dela creme of female genital piercings. We will go over all of your options when you come in. Are you considering getting another piercing in that area in the future?

Vertical and horizontal hood piercing pictures

It passes through the clitoral hood from a single point and allows the jewellery to lie directly on top on the stem of the clit. I start this piercing at either a 12g or 10g, always preferring the larger. Most women wear a curved bar in this piercing, though a ring is not uncommon. I usually start this piercing at a 14g or a 12g depending on the client and their anatomy, as well as the jewellery we are going to use. We will go over all of your options when you come in. The skin of the inner labia is thin and soft making this piercing surprisingly easy to receive and quick to heal. Placed so that the jewelry is below the clitoral hood behind the clitoris, the jewelry either a captive bead ring or a circular barbell provides stimulation by applying pressure to the underside of the clitoral shaft. Three primary hood piercings are done: Generally vertical placement results in more sensitivity to the wearer as well as faster healing, however both are anatomical so a consultation is suggested. Not to be confused with a deep horizontal hood piercing, the piercing passes underneath the clitoral shaft. These piercings I pierce with 10g rings and larger. The triangle is a very anatomical piercing, so a consultation is suggested to ensure correct anatomy prior to getting your heart set on it. A poorly placed piercing can result in a missed opportunity for enhancement. With that in mind, our body piercers will work with you to find the piercing that is best for you. Correct anatomy structure plays a big role in many genital piercings. We pierce and install either a curved barbell or an L-bar. This piercing starts on the outside the top of the hood and exits through the pubic mound, and is quite often a surface piercing. The fourchette is surprisingly easy to receive and quick to heal with the down side of having a risk of painlessly rejecting. Rings are generally the most secure and comfortable jewellery to wear, however bars and tunnels can be adorned once healed. They do not add any increase in sensitivity, however are a very visually attractive piercing that can have a multitude of different flat tops. It travels from the public mound, and rather than exiting above the top of the clitoral hood like the Christina, it follows through the entire hood, and the bottom sits exactly like a vertical hood piercing. This will aid not guarantee in the reduction of rejection. Many women but not all have enough pinchable skin in that area to place a piece of jewelry meant to stimulate both partners during vaginal intercourse. With genital work, I typically work appointment only and prefer a sit down consultation prior to the work being done. Your body piercer will explain your different placement options and together we can find placement that is not only comfortable but pretty to look at. With that being said, this piercing is normally easy to heal without problems. If you are at all interested in female genital work and would like to know what types of piercings there are for you to choose from, here are a few of the most popular female genital procedures I perform:

Vertical and horizontal hood piercing pictures

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  1. I usually perform this piercing with a 14g or 12g custom-made bar. This would include eliminating outer pressure or snagging caused from thong panties and excessive pressure during intercourse.

  2. It passes through the clitoral hood from a single point and allows the jewellery to lie directly on top on the stem of the clit. We normally pierce and install 12g captive bead rings in the outer labia.

  3. Of course that does not mean you should mistreat or neglect your new body piercing. The Christina, like the outer labia, heals slowly and special care needs to be taken to reduce the jewelry from being bumped around — a bit of common sense and diligent aftercare is all that is needed.

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