What sign is a taurus woman most compatible with

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Both share a practical and logical outlook towards life and complement each other quite well. They may have a slow start in the bedroom because the Virgo male can be shy and reserved. What causes problems among these two is the fact that both of them have the negative qualities of being highly possessive and jealous, causing a lot of fights and arguments between the two. AstrologyBay Staff Last Updated: She will have to learn to try new things to keep her man interested.

What sign is a taurus woman most compatible with

It is only after careful analysis that she will commit, and commit for a lifetime. She knows how to differentiate the real from the unreal and isn't someone who can be swept off easily by some superficial charm. Problems may arise when his overwhelming attention to detail and keep-things-in-order kinda attitude may get too much for our bull to handle. She is driven by material comforts, not because she is a total materialistic person, but because she thinks it is indispensable for a good life. Although fish are quite different from the bulls, they do make a great pair for a long-lasting relationship. He also has a tendency to rush into things whereas Taurus takes things slow. Well, this union has the potential to hit it off instantly, but we wouldn't really call it a full-proof ideal match. The Gemini male might see the Taurus as boring while she sees herself as traditional. He will also want more imagination from his lover whereas she simply wants to enjoy the sexual act of their love. Both these people prefer the comfort of their home rather than parties, but both understand the need of a social gathering to build contacts and networking. He will have to come down to earth and stick around with his Taurus and she will have to learn to let him roam and have some independence if they are to make their relationship last. With certain things kept in check, this is a loving and easygoing union, which only gets better with time. She will want more passion and intensity in the bedroom as well. This is true between the sheets as well. Are they sexually compatible or will it be just a fling? They may have a slow start in the bedroom because the Virgo male can be shy and reserved. This will deepen their zodiac compatibility. She is a woman with all the feminine qualities that are attractive enough for any man, but what makes her all the more long-term-ish is the fact that she isn't the "typical" woman. This sweet, romantic and old fashioned relationship is rooted in shared values, dignity and hard work. She is someone who seeks honesty, security, and practicality in a relationship. He will earn enough to satisfy all her material desires, but also ensure that he gets the best deal in the market. Astrological Nightmare Relationships for Taurus By and large, Taurus struggles most with fire signs and air signs. Undoubtedly, they will feel at ease with each other, grazing through the green pastures, but when time compels them to lock their horns, both will try to dominate each other, not letting go of their natural stubbornness to end the conflict. Many are mistaken for perceiving her to be gullible, but underneath her gentle and soft-spoken outlook, she carries immense strength, determination, stubbornness, and a temper that is best not kept unleashed. Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man Astrologically, this is definitely a match made in heaven.

What sign is a taurus woman most compatible with

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