What to do when you suspect infidelity

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Instead of biting the bullet and remaining faithful, many find themselves tempted during these difficult times by a 3rd party who is more than willing to meet their needs while the faithful spouse has been sideswiped by life. A former executive director of a family service agency, she earlier held senior level positions in child welfare, alcoholism treatment, and psychiatry. When I tried to show her affection she would not let me, especially not in public.

What to do when you suspect infidelity

If you come across as angry and accusing, your partner is likely to become defensive, dismiss your concern, or counterattack, like by calling you paranoid or irrational. Look for Signs of Infidelity If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, look for potential signs of infidelity in your partner. But if you are concerned that that emotional intimacy is developing, you can look out for the signs listed below and then decide how to deal with the issue. She offers and workshops for couples and singles, and continuing education classes for therapists at NASW conferences and online. This type of affair is often described in reference books as an "unintentional affair" with "no emotional attachment", and is almost always credited as the result of being the victim sexual child abuse. Also in this particular case that I am referring to, the unfaithful spouse was married to a police officer who knew his wife had a history of unfaithfulness from a previous marriage and was very suspicious. He would snap and snarl at everyone! Hiding credit card statements and phone bills are also among the signs of infidelity. There is no secret formula to know for sure that a person is cheating. They enjoyed an extremely close and loving relationship. Some individuals can successfully compartmentalize their lives or are such brilliant liars that their partner never finds out. He was just plain rude, impatient, angry and aggressive. Others reported; "She always seemed somewhat angry at me, like I was to blame for something that was happening. One woman reported, "At the worst point he was more than disrespectful. I'm entitled to my privacy. His uncalled for defensiveness, coupled with the extra zeal and enthusiasm for the outing, should have been my clue that his buddy was another woman. This is often more a contributing factor than a sign, thus the words of the song "You left me, just when I needed you most. By holding a weekly marriage meeting that uses the simple agenda and positive communication skills explained in detail in Marriage Meetings for Lasting Love: Others reported that their spouse became very defensive about their 'right' to maintain private friendships with the opposite sex. He was constantly picking fights and refused to help out in the home or with our children. Your partner is dressing differently, spiffed up as in courtship mode. Expressing Your Concern If you suspect your partner of having an emotional affair, first process your feelings fear, betrayal, anger, hurt, helplessness, or confusion enough to have a calm manner when initiating the conversation. Be cautious about your actions because if they get detected, such actions can ruin your once- intimate-relationship , especially if your partner is faithful. Discovering another romantic relationship of your partner is devastating. Do you sense unhappiness in your spouse, but you can't explain it or understand it? Our sex life was frequent and exciting, we were intimate and close, we enjoyed each others company, spent lots of time together, were best friends, and both of us would describe our marriage as very good at the time of the affair. It is important to keep two very important facts in mind when reading this:

What to do when you suspect infidelity

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  1. Number one on the signs of infidelity list is when a spouse becomes emotionally distant, withdrawn or depressed.

  2. I was only too happy that he was going out to do something really fun with one of his friends.

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