Who is ruby gettinger dating 2012

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She thought of effective ways that changed the weight shown when she was put on the scale. She then speaks with Paula White on the phone. I knew he was right because I already felt my body shutting down. An argument breaks out at the pool. Have you ever considered having gastric bypass?

Who is ruby gettinger dating 2012

The doctor described her condition akin to a bomb ready to detonate anytime, with fatal consequences. Her goals and dreams are simple ones and she hopes for many of the things regular-sized people take for granted, like being able to take a bubble bath or paint her toenails by herself. While there, they enjoy time at a water park. Ruby finds it hard to say bye to Ben. She also meets at Rosie's house to discuss more, where she thinks Ruby has been sexually abused, something that Ruby denies. After watching an episode of The Oprah Show that talked about obese shut-ins, Gettinger pledged to change for the better. She beats up on it and tries to get Denny to find fault in the situation. Her ex-boyfriend Starr also made an appearance in one episode to support her. She stopped attending college and found even the simplest of actions to be difficult like lifting a can of soda. Tweet on Twitter Obesity is one of the leading health problems faced by many people worldwide. She gorged on chips, processed food, and sweets without even minding what was on the label, and estimated a daily consumption that amounted to 5, calories. She endures a beach workout with a trainer that she thinks is trying to hurt her. Ruby sees what Jeff is talking about when he says that she is sick. They then get Ruby into the backyard pool where she overcomes the fears of the deep end. But I will get plastic surgery after I lose the weight to get rid of the excess skin. They have a last minute talk before she heads back to Savannah, Georgia. Gettinger made a lot of new friends during her stay there, including Sweet Valley High actress Brittany Daniel. Gettinger worked with doctors, nutritionists, and trainers to help her lose weight until she reached lbs. They walk and Ruby struggles when she constantly is bumping into the passing people. The season concludes with Ruby talking with Jeff atop the arch bridge in New York. The idea for a reality series was conceptualized, and Ruby debuted on November 09, However it did not push through due to unknown circumstances. Hang in there, Ruby, a lot of people are rooting for you. Unlike other obese people who shut themselves from the public eye, Gettinger never stopped being socially active regardless of what other people say about her. The medical findings revealed Gettinger had a fatty liver and her A1c is off the charts.

Who is ruby gettinger dating 2012

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  1. Have you ever considered having gastric bypass? A personal chef cooked healthy meals that helped her get past sugar addiction and redirected her cravings towards vegetables.

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