Why do witches ride brooms

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Ergot, in high doses, can be lethal, a fact that led to the rise in popularity of wheat bread, which is resistant to ergot mold. Thus anyone observing the leaping broomstick dance of witches at the full moon could be expected to think of flying. But rarely are witches shown getting aloft on their own. To be fair, we have to take some of this with a grain of salt, given where the information is originally coming from. They covered the neck and made the armpits hard to reach.

Why do witches ride brooms

Even if ingested in small quantities, nausea and vomiting can occur. First of all, you have to understand that many beliefs in the supernatural throughout history were fueled by the use of drugs. Then I suddenly had the sensation of flying for miles through the air. People who abuse pharmaceutical pills eventually figured out that you could snort them, cocaine users eventually found out that you could bypass the nose or mouth and inject the drug directly. The witches' leaping dance, astride a pole which simulated the straightness and strength of the corn, therefore makes a good deal of sense. And in a case of stoner ingenuity, these witches also figured out that a broomstick or other staff could be greased up with the hallucinogenic ointments and applied easily to their private parts. There was one other location that readily absorbed the brew: It has been suggested that in the past witches were so fleabitten that the drug could penetrate through those open wounds. We have now discovered that plants respond to human emotion, that cows give more milk when played music and that all kinds of plants flourish when they are talked to. Contemporary witches do not use fly-ointment. The earliest evidence of this comes from the investigation of Lady Alice Kyteler , who was suspected of using witchcraft to kill her husband in The English historian Raphael Holinshed later recounted the case and described some of the supposedly damning evidence authorities found against Kyteler: The hallucinogens in the brews, it turns out, can be absorbed through the skin without any of the unpleasant side affects. Anyone suspected of performing magic or having questionable morals was assumed to have been in cahoots with the devil and became a catch-all scapegoat for the cause of those problems. It is now clear that the ointment was hallucinogenic and caused fantasies not dissimilar to those caused by LSD and other fashionabl drugs of our century, and that the hallucinations were shaped by the witches' own minds. Sweat glands in the armpits are good at absorbing the mixture, but women during that time period wore immense amounts of clothing that were layered and tight-fitting. The flight was repeatedly interrupted by great falls. But rarely are witches shown getting aloft on their own. It has the property of penetrating the skin and going stright into the bloodstream, producing the same hallucinogenic effects as LSD but with brighter color effects. Getting high in this manner has been described as feeling weightless, like you're disassociating from the ground, free to move in any direction. One recipe, when the element of the grotesque is removed, makes sense. Most of these sources come from judges who may have embellished details and from accused witches, who likely gave forced confessions under extreme duress. It is believed that the broomstick became the preferred tool. Sources from the era when fears about witchcraft peaked are unreliable and biased, noted Charles Zika, a professor at the University of Melbourne, who has written about the imagery of witchcraft. I soared where my hallucinations—the clouds, the lowering sky, herds of beasts, falling leaves which were quite unlike any ordinary leaves, billowing streamers of steam and rivers of molten metal—were swirling along. One of the obvious progressions in drug use is the discovery of how to get high faster.

Why do witches ride brooms

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  1. From toads' milk and from toadstools scientists have extracted a drug called Butotenine, an alkaloid which, though insoluble in water, is soluble in alcohol and in dilute acids and alkalis.

  2. They are able to have visions without that kind of stimulus. Sweat glands in the armpits are good at absorbing the mixture, but women during that time period wore immense amounts of clothing that were layered and tight-fitting.

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