Wife says she never enjoys sex

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She says her husband had been in a sexless marriage for 45 years until his wife died. It's not like she's denying you or anything. Or you could--and I really think this is something you HAVE to talk about before it is even likely to come up, not when you are already attracted to a specific person! Sadly, some people see sex as a way to manipulate others into doing what they want. Meanwhile, you die a little each time you have to go to her and implore her for sex, wanting her to approach you and make you feel wanted instead.

Wife says she never enjoys sex

She said yes, didn't she? As long as she's willing to please you, is it so hard to accept that sex just isn't her thing? And the cycle repeats. Because nothing says "I don't care about our marriage" like "I only get sex once a month and you don't perform the way I want you to so I'm going to fuck around elsewhere". I have issues, but it isn't just 'get in the mood'. She says her husband had been in a sexless marriage for 45 years until his wife died. Better to accept it now than to keep knocking your head against that wall, though, right? I suppose you could discuss it with a sex therapist, but what if you're right, your wife has no sex drive. I strongly urge you to go to couples counseling with your wife where you can make it clear in a safe environment the effect this is having on you and your marriage. Which can naturally lead to great sex. Be supportive, if you try to go here. Or did you leave someone there? It's about 'taking the red pill' - just look at this entry on Athol's blog for some gems on what it takes to be a 'red pill woman', like these: Wanted to be desired is healthy, natural, and normal. It could be so much worse. I empathize with your confusion as to whether your wife is actually attracted to you given that she doesn't initiate sex but seems to enjoy it when it happens. When I asked my partner, I was reassured that I am indeed smoking hot, the sex is indeed fantastic, and he does indeed enjoy sex; it is just that he tends to not initiate and is occasionally stressed. Emphasize that you need more no-strings-attached sex, NOT emotional entanglements that might jeopardize the marriage. I'm pretty sure my wife is having a non-sexual, emotional affair. A few instances, of course, could be happenstance, but a pattern indicates a serious problem. When one partner in a marriage doesn't want sex, what are options? So, I started having affairs. He said, "Not always, but like I said, it beats the alternative. She really doesn't think about seducing you because that's just not who she is, sexually. So when you talk, and you say, hey, am I unattractive to you? She was also in love with me.

Wife says she never enjoys sex

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  1. No reason to get wrapped around the axle about who initiates sex, or her feelings about it per se. It is not at all how I unwind, or get energy back.

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