Youngest age of consent in the world

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After decriminalisation, the age of consent was set to 18 for homosexual acts and 16 for heterosexual acts. Africa Other countries with low ages of consent include Angola at 12 and 13 in Burkina Faso and Comoros. A youth of twelve or thirteen can consent to sexual activity with an individual less than two years older than they. The penalty is 3 months to 4 years in prison.

Youngest age of consent in the world

In West Germany, male homosexuality was legalized in In countries where there are gender-age differentials, the age of consent may be higher for girls—for example in Papua New Guinea , where the age of consent for heterosexual sex is 16 for girls and 14 for boys, [41] or they may be higher for males, such as in Indonesia, where males must be 19 years old and females must be 16 years old. But many jurisdictions have so-called "Romeo and Juliet laws" that lower the age of consent where the individuals are close in age to each other. Examples of such positions of trust include relationships between teachers and students. For instance, different ages may apply if the relationship is between partners of the same sex, or if the sexual contact is not strictly vaginal intercourse. What is the age of consent around the world? France talked about plans to set it at 15 after two cases involving girls aged Section relies solely on a dead link. However, Article mentions a "juvenile" who is defined in Article 2 9 as a person under 18, although it is not clear if this article refers only to sexual acts performed in view of a minor under 18 or if it can be used also to punish sexual acts performed with the minor: Female homosexuality was not prosecuted. Home Highest and Lowest Ages of Consent The age of consent is the legally defined age at which a person is deemed legally competent to consent to sexual activity. Anal sex remains illegal with exceptions for those over 18, if they comply with the restrictions set out under section Some nations, however, do not have a specified age of consent as they forbid sexual relations outside of marriage. August In The Bahamas , the age of consent for opposite-sex activity is 16 and the age of consent for same-sex activity is No specific age is recommended. Use is made of coercion, force or threats; or Abuse is made of a recognised position of trust, authority or influence over the child, including within the family; or Abuse is made of a particularly vulnerable situation of the child, notably because of a mental or physical disability or a situation of dependence. The second-highest age of consent is 20 in South Korea , while the majority of other countries have an Age of Consent between 16 and The second one is South Korea where the age of consent is 20 years, and lastly, there is Bahrain where sexual relations are forbidden for persons aged less than 21 years. Some of the countries where the age of consent is below 16 years have other local laws to protect children aged less than 16 years from sexual exploitation. Please help improve this section if you can. A fourteen- or fifteen-year-old can consent to sexual activity with a partner who is less than five years older than they. In July , a similar amendment was put forward; it was voted down by the conservative majority. The exact type of coercion that must be used varies by state, for example the Federal Law only makes reference to "deceit", omitting "seduction" it reads: Bosnia and Herzegovina[ edit ] Sexual activity with children younger than 14 is illegal under Article , which prohibits sexual acts with a "child", and a "child" is defined in Article 2 8 as a person under However, most countries in Europe now have binding legal obligations in regard to the sexual abuse of children under However, where such a defense is provided, it normally applies only when the victim is close to the age of consent or the accused can show due diligence in determining the age of the victim e. If any of the aforementioned acts is performed with physical or moral violence, the sentence is raised in up to a half.

Youngest age of consent in the world

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