Zoosk customer service

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They changed it the day of renewal! I have installed the Zoosk application on my two mobile devices. I had only one account, so why I had different results on my devices? As a suggestion, I wish that the website navigation, page structure, settings, and features were much more similar between the website and the application.

Zoosk customer service

Zoosk should stop the gimmick of fabricating false Views, false Crush and the rest. Didn't I just pay to be a full member? March 26, I have tried on multiple occasions to mention in my profile that I currently wasn't a member and to inform people I couldn't read any messages sent to me. Then, I discovered that I had different viewing results from the Zoosk application on my mobile devices, and the browser on my computer and the browser on my mobile devices. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. The feature is meant to reduce instances of stolen valor, particularly in connection to romance scams: When we subscribed, we all have to answer the 10 minutes survey which Zoosk states that the answers would help them to filter the matches for us. I believe their rating as being the best and having millions of members were made up. This is due to the company overspending on expansion and overhiring. Not only that the feature "Monica wants to chat" is a complete lie. Save your money and figure out another way. I have little faith in the integrity of Zoosk. My Search on a browser was not providing the same results than on the application, using exactly the same filter. Right away I met a fellow who seemed perfect -- tall, educated, charming, handsome. I am wondering if all the current practices are legal. It seems that money and profits are much more important to Zoosk than honesty, quality, and transparency. Although I never saw it again it may have just been blocked from my account. How come I get so many messages every day from the "unfiltered" men? Zoosk would only approve my profile with changes and removed any sign that said I wasn't a member. Indeed, his emails were very explicit but he also said he was "looking for the last woman he would make love to". Every time I get a reply or just a text, it is so obvious that the woman did not read what I originally text her, or they always send meaningless texts and the women never reply to what I text. In fact, I am not even sure if it is legal. I have a computer and two mobile devices. So, without the additional subscription, I could send messages to members, but the recipients could not reply to me if they do not have a premium messaging subscription themselves. Warning e-mails should be sent to the inactive owner prior to the deletion of their account. March 6, I agreed to try Zoosk for 3 months. Zoosk moderators then determine if the user's profile photo and video match.

Zoosk customer service

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