67 dodge coronet rt 440

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Sixth generation — [ edit ]. The nomenclature was a carryover theme from the —64 Polara series. The Dodge Coronet is the first deluxe Coronet version. Despite this, some Hemi-powered Coronet Deluxe two-door sedans were produced.

67 dodge coronet rt 440

A total of just Coronet Street Hemis were built for In , Dodge also produced four Super Bee convertibles; the whereabouts of the four cars are unknown. The Super Bee was only available as a 2-door coupe or 2-door hardtop. The name "Super Bee" was derived from the "B" Body designation given Chrysler's midsized cars which included the Coronet. The Dodge Coronet marks the fifth generation of one of Dodge's most classic car models, which was an integral period of the car's evolution as it emerged from hiatus to become a mid-range car. The A12 Super Bee could be had with most Super Bee options, with the exception of air conditioning and tire-wheel packages. A Coronet station wagon made its debut in , continuing through The nomenclature was a carryover theme from the —64 Polara series. The top engine option for the rest of the Coronet line was supposed to be the ci, 4-barrel V8. However, there are higher engine options you may be able to find, like the polyhead engine as well as the and engines, which give you a range of horsepower options. Despite this, some Hemi-powered Coronet Deluxe two-door sedans were produced. The Super Bee included a heavy-duty suspension, an optional Mopar A four-speed manual transmission , with high performance tires, and a stripe with the bee logo wrapped around the tail. It had special "SE" logos on the C-pillars and on the seat back. This would remain the lineup through The top of the Coronet line-up was the Coronet and was available only as a two-door hardtop or convertible in These altered wheelbase vehicles eventually became popularly known as " funny cars " due to their unique wheel spacing. The base Coronet was dropped in , leaving the Deluxe as the lowest trim level through Some enthusiasts have created "phantom" Super Bee convertibles by adding the appropriate trim and stripes to Coronet convertibles. The hood had an integrated forward-facing scoop which sealed to the air cleaner assembly and bore a decal on each side with the words "SIX PACK" in red letters, "Six Pack" being the name used for the 6-bbl induction setup when installed on a Dodge Plymouth went with " 6bbl" on the A12 Road Runners. The original Super Bee was based on the Dodge Coronet, a 2-door model only and was produced from — In mid, the A12 package was introduced on the Super Bee. For only, Dodge also sold only units of a modified wheelbase version of the base Coronet two-door sedan and hardtop used for NHRA drag racing. Coronet retained its 2-door hardtop, convertible and 4-door sedan through Trim levels initially were base Coronet, Coronet and Coronet From the popular term "funny cars" was born an entire genre of racing vehicles , which exists to this day albeit in much transformed form.

67 dodge coronet rt 440

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