Comebacks to compliments

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It can transform just about anyone! When Grandma says, "I'm glad you got a job in real estate. Otherwise, the snarky comments might continue and the relationship could deteriorate. Acknowledge the positive portion.

Comebacks to compliments

The person who offers them may not know how to deal with their emotions or they may be trying to hurt you on purpose. Using an emoji is a great way to spice up a reply to a compliment. Getty Images When my book hit the Wall Street Journal bestseller list a few weeks ago an acquaintance called to say, "Congratulations on hitting the bestseller list. I'll keep my fingers crossed your next book hits the New York Times bestseller list. After hearing what you just said, I realized that honest people still do exists! Address the insult head-on. Woke up, kicked ass, repeat. That computer stuff you were doing from home wasn't a real job anyway," a simple, "Thank you," could be the best way to move forward. Your clock is ticking. They have a way of making you feel less than fantastic, but instead of being offended and then racking your brain trying to figure out what they mean and how to tactfully respond, try coming back with a little bit of playful humor to lighten the mood. Clearly, some backhanded compliments are mean-spirited, while others are said out of ignorance. Acting all paranoid, huh? There is no need to write out some long response to a compliment, though you can personalize the compliment if you want. When you don't want a hurtful comment to get in the way of your relationship, speak up. Cancel 0 Backhanded compliments will hit you when you least expect it. It can transform just about anyone! Are you a spy? People have short attention spans these days so keeping the content of your reply short is a good idea. I would like return the compliment, but I swore to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. When you show off your new girlfriend and your brother asks: Makeup is indeed wonderful. Lots of kinky stuff! So rather than get into a debate about why the comment is hurtful, a simple thank you can be the best way to move forward. It's too bad you didn't do this last week when I could have used your help even more," respond by saying, "Thank you for noticing my hard work today. You mean great in bed?

Comebacks to compliments

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  1. And while this one might not necessarily be a compliment, we have all heard it before: While this wasn't exactly an offensive comment, it got me thinking about how often people mix praise and criticism in the same sentence.

  2. Sometimes, the best thing you can do, is not take yourself--or someone's backhanded compliments--too seriously.

  3. I'll keep my fingers crossed your next book hits the New York Times bestseller list. Coming from you, that means a lot!

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