List of best sex positions

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Backdoor planking is a position where the female partner lies on her stomach with her legs close together, and is penetrated from behind. To know more about this book, read our article about Kamasutra. Either way, this position will cause the blood to rush to your head and your other head for an explosive climax. Sexual passion between a man and a woman is like fire — if you do not support it and do not refresh it with anything new, it will be fading down together with your relationships in general, as most often sex is their important part.

List of best sex positions

Amp it up another level with the Upside-Down For more leverage, you can reach around her back with your arms and pull her tightly against you. In its simplest form, you kneel on the bed, with your partner on all fours. The most easy and efficient means for that will be using different sex positions, which are like spices, are able to give one dish different tastes. The Dragon Carlee Ranger Sort of a reversal of the woman-on-top face-sitting position, this one is great for guys who love cunnilingus but who still want to be a bit more dominant. If you want to make things easier on her back, you can place a chair or desk to place her arms on for support. You may need to grasp her legs and pull in gently to prevent your thrusting from pushing her away from you. All sex positions 2 3 4 5 Sex positions — what do you need them for? Start with your torso more or less vertical and her legs on your shoulders. While this one should be considered for experts only, it's a strong choice if you're trying to sneak in a quickie and want to keep a low profile without fully lying down. Descend slowly until you're basically folding her in half. What this position does, essentially, is make your penis feel twice as big as it actually is, and all she has to do is cross her legs. In practice there exist a lot of poses, but if you take into account their different variations, their quantity will go to infinite number! Elevated Cunnilingus Carlee Ranger A table, a windowsill, a countertop, whatever the case, having your partner up above means that you can go down on her… without going down too much. You should also be staying nice and deep within her in the C. They do offer the possibility of both of you facing each other, or away from each other; and either partner can take control of the thrusting, making these versions versatile options that offer pleasure for all comers. Perhaps the most famous version of this blowjob position is getting one in a car, known as "road head. Enter her from behind, and then both of you can control the pace and depth of thrusting. Find yourself a surface that is roughly at hip-height. You can also alternate which one of you is upside down if you're really enjoying yourselves. Grasp her around her hips firmly and thrust into her. It also means you can experiment only with your partner's express consent! So if you and your lover are driving down the highway and you're bored as sin, and get understandable horny, you can't well have a roll on the interstate. Standing Sex Carlee Ranger Bro, do you even lift your partner up to have sex with her? Because you need to understand every one, to understand what it gives to the man and to the woman. The Sitting V Carlee Ranger Have her sit on table or counter with enough room for her to lean back, and with her butt slightly hanging off the edge. You can either use it as a bridge while building to orgasm, or moving into it right before the big finale.

List of best sex positions

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  1. You will not learn about these ones in fashionable magazines and web-papers — you will need to find out them by yourself.

  2. Elevated Cunnilingus Carlee Ranger A table, a windowsill, a countertop, whatever the case, having your partner up above means that you can go down on her… without going down too much. But time has passed, man developed, culture developed, as well as the culture of sex relations between men and women.

  3. Depending on your height, you can either be standing or kneeling for this one. If you want to change things up, arch your knees up to give her something to easily push off of.

  4. Everybody says and writes that changing positions in sex is good, that knowing their different options will make your sexual life diversified and so on.

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