Movies like annapolis

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At a university like that I could have been openly gay or lesbian and no one would have cared. The script, Tyrese Gibson, and Jordana Brewster. April 3,, Maryland Hall Auditorium.

Movies like annapolis

How would the ocean affect land movement? Donnie Wahlberg and Chi McBride have good supporting roles, and many of the anonymous students are portrayed convincingly. While it's not the disaster I expected, 'Annapolis' still earns my dislike. James Franco manages to overcome his poorly written, formulaic lead with his hard-edged brand of acting. Searchdog no other caption infor provided - Original Credit: The museum is actually in a historic oyster-packing plant — the last of its kind. The stew is stirred when daughter Jude Heard arrives with her own problems, including a rivalry with her overachieving sister, a ruinous love life, and a fraught relationship with her famous father. It shows April 2, 2: Perhaps better known for his sailing prowess than film making, Annapolis's Gary Jobson, has two films in the festival. A neighbor reports their "illicit" behavior. When the lights came up after the short movie, Taylor proposed to his girlfriend … and she said yes. The film is a collection of interviews with ten former Annapolis students, interspersed with some footage of the academy grounds and activities. Some of the top entries include: The lives of two young teachers are thrown into upheaval after a resentful schoolgirl connives to accuse them of being lovers. It took two years to secure permission to go onto the island. Of special interest are a few films made by local residents in producing, directing or other roles. As to the research for the film, it looks like it worked. Last, but not least, Jordana Brewster. More than students and professionals from 16 countries worked to rebuild and recover a lost world. Then I went to my uncles seeking advice, how to overcome problems, and other pointers. It will show April 3, Other films on a must-see list during the festival include documentaries and narrative films. It shows April 2, 1 p. Grab your innertube and come along. Two other films with local connections are the work of far younger filmmakers from Annapolis. Part of the movie experience was how I watched the movie, from a balcony, sitting on a wooden bench under the stars, in my car, back of my truck, in a movie theater and even at home!

Movies like annapolis

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