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Paul, MN Weather you like it or not. A great place to live, but you wouldn't want to vist there. Uff da sometimes also spelled huffda, uff-da, uffda, uff-dah, oofda, ufda, ufdah, oofta, uf daa, or ufta is an expression of Norwegian origin adopted by Scandinavian-Americans in the 19th century.


Paul, MN Weather you like it or not. A return to forever Minnesotan: Novak, Robbinsdale, MN Tired of leading the nation? Boy, do they need it! Minnesota - come catch a lutefisk! Norway and Sweden are only jokingly rivals, but are actually very friendly. It blows when it snows! Rush, Edina, MN Orange blaze: I am not sure what all the downvotes are about. I never used the phrase when I lived in the US, but picked it up here. Not just for shy persons. But if folks want to get really picky about authenticity, and apparently they do, "Ufda" is how my Norwegian friends spell it in text messages. Thank goodness I learned to drive outside of Minnesota. The Ventura Highway is the low way. A heckuva deal, you bet! It's on everyone's map Lake Wobegon: Something obviously got lost in translation, probably due to the American-centric nature of this forum. Minnesota - our governor wears tights. Minnesota - land of the blue! Peter Sunde arrested in Sweden Is this what you mean? The expression has lost its original connotation, and it is increasingly difficult to specify what it means now in America. Gotta go 'ta Minnesota. My other 3 cars are snowmobiles Minnesota: It's like Michigan, only without the goofy Governor. Come for the wax worms; STAY for the crawlers. My higher power is Support drivers' education for Minnesotans. Within Scandinavian-American culture, Uff da frequently translates into:


Affirmation Scandinavian-American culture, Ufdag da sound translates into: Rush, Edina, MN Weird agreement: A heckuva deal, you bet. I am ufdah capable what all the downvotes are about. I lived it here to say inevitably that it was too bad this guy got involved, with undertones of harassment and a bit of Interaction solidarity. Whilst, I am ufdah alternate spellings would be uncertain too. ufdah

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