Vacumn pump torture tube sex

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Your muscles cannot resist the pressure, and, instead of pushing the foreign object out that would be the normal auto-responsive reaction, relax and allow for the expansion. You can only see from peripheral vision, but that is enough to make your eyes bug, your terror mounts, mostly because you really cannot see what is there. Your breath is sucked in and expelled through gritted teeth and a clenched jaw. The sudden heat makes you arch in shock, it is the only movement available to you.

Vacumn pump torture tube sex

And so your torture continues. You don't recognise this, which adds to your anxiety. Slowly and seductively, I put a knee on the edge of the table you are spread-eagled on. It looks so much like a tiny penis, I bend at the waist and draw it into my warm mouth, sucking gently and flicking my tongue over the tip. Your eyes bug slightly when you read, in that instant needed, that it is silicon based lubricant. I pause for effect; watching the response from you then, squeeze the pump again and then again. Your pelvis rocks in an attempt to escape the delicate ministrations and again, I smack your clit. With all of your sex centres occupied, only your mouth remains to be violated. I dribble wax between you tits, following the shallow hollow down to your belly button. It causes the area around you sphincter to bulge and looks so sexy to my thinking. I know from experience that blood will infuse the gland and create something like a love bite or bruise when left for any length of time. But, its purpose soon becomes clear when the open end of the glass tube is paced over your clit. A little saliva is all that is needed, wetting my lips; my mouth descends on the darkened tip of your exquisite breast and draws that small tip between my teeth. Again, your bladder vents and a thin steam of piss fills the tube. I can see through the glass that your nipples are now almost three quarters of an inch long and dark purple. The next drip of hot wax lands precisely on target and coats your right breast in red wax that rapidly cools and hardens. I suppose it has something to do with my eyes being shielded and any intent therefore masked. The skin of your labia darkens as blood fills the sensitive dermis. This I pick up and light with a cheap gas lighter that sat beside it. My next operation is possibly the cruellest. Several pumps later, the plug has increased in diameter by several percent and has filled the expandable void. Were you not immobilised by the ties, your legs would have clamped together in a vice like grip to protect your most private and sensitive parts. The sudden heat makes you arch in shock, it is the only movement available to you. With no warning, I harshly slap your clit with the flat of my finger tips. Again, its purpose is not immediately apparent, until the cold end is placed against your urethra. Your hips try to escape, raging from side to side, but the tethers holding your hands and feet prevent very muck lateral movement at all. Your ass hole is stretched wide open and the pressure from within is pushing against the muscles that would normally eject the waste matter out of your body.

Vacumn pump torture tube sex

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